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Defective rainwater guttering and pipe work can be the source of many sorts of damp problems in the structure of a building.

The guttering and associated pipe work are designed to carry rainwater away from a building, if they are not properly maintained, the water can run down the outside wall, eventually causing damage within the structure, ruining the decoration and/or causing mould growth. It is important to keep the guttering and pipe work in good repair. Often problems are only apparent while it is raining, so keep a lookout whenever it is raining for any rain water leaking from the gutters or running where it should not. If you notice any major leaks at any time of the year, treat the repair as a priority.

Two sizes of guttering cover most domestic situations:

112mm half-round gutters and 68mm circular down pipe for houses and large detached garages.

If you live in a large house or in an area of high rainfall, you may need a gutter which has a greater capacity – either 116 x 60mm ‘square’ guttering (used with 65mm square down pipe) or 120 x 75mm ‘ogee’ guttering (used with square or round down pipe).

Below are examples of the round and square gutter types used and the colours they are produced in:

guttering types


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